Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I have not blogged for a while. Life has been good, and maybe that's the reason I have not blogged.

I seem to have reached a new level of enlightenment, I seem to be more aware of things around me. I feel like I know what is going to happen next.

Now all I need to do is to start to learn how to control my emotions, be more calmer, more gentle, more relaxed and at peace.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Daughter's (aged 7) Wish List

My 7 year old daughters wish list...

How I wish I was her age again...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Everyone is Thrilled

With the arrival of Baby Prince Cambridge, the BBC is reporting round the clock.

First Prince Charles was "Thrilled", followed closely by Camila she was "Thrilled" but looked anything but that.

Then the parents Prince William and Kate were "Thrilled".

Then Kate's parents The Middletons arrive at the hospital in a taxi and departure in green cab taxi (was that lady taxi driver wearing anything but earings?) were "Thrilled".

Finally the BBC reports that the Queen visited her great grandson and believe it or not she was "Thrilled".

Looks like I won't be reading anything thrilling on the BBC news for a while!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Me Me Me...

Everyone seems to care about one thing and one thing only, and that is themselves.

Has society after all these years of civilisation came to this? Or has this being a fundamental essence of humans since they started walking on this mortal earth?

I for one have had enough of it, why do people seem to not look further than themselves? Surely if they looked out for others they would feel much better?

I hope and pray that I do not become part of the "Me Me Me Brigade"

Death - The Great Changer of Life

Yesterday a very dear uncle passed away. I cried a lot and still have tears rolling down my cheeks now. I never knew my Uncle Zaki that much, my dad had left our beloved Iraq back in the 70s and here in London we settled and still are.

What I do remember of Uncle Zaki is that he always asked about us, and especially me. Us four boys being the children of his only sister. My Uncle Zaki kept a close interest of my education, how will I was doing through all of my years of studying. He kept asking until I finished my MBA, and after that he kept a close interest in the education of my children.

May God have mercy on him and may he rest in peace.

Zaki Hasan Al-Layla
Born c. 1933 - Died 23 June 2013
Mousal Iraq.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, The New Ruler of the World

When I was young and just starting out in college life I believed I knew everything - actually I believed that I knew everything about everything. Now here at college on my own, fending for myself I felt I am the ruler of the world.

It turned out that I knew nothing about everything. All I cared about was me me me, and hence in my mind I was the ruler of the world - the  world of me.

With a few years under my belt I realise how ignorant I was, how foolish I must have been and how life was very blissful, and how I long for a bit of ignorance so that I may have some peace from all that goes on around me.

Today I am worried to death, as I stare in the mirror every morning, and look at the grey hairs appearing on my side burns, and I think ladies and gentlemen the new ruler of the world is the grey hair on my side burn. 

Oh for some ignorance... my kingdom for a little bit of ignorance...