Friday, 7 June 2013

Crossroads and Time Machines

In reply to the comment posted below, I have often thought about what would have happened if I went back to a crossroad and changed this or that. To be honest I have had this desire since I was about 18 or so.

The intensity of the desire to go back and change things at crossroads has increased with older age, and that said I think I would end up with a shed fall of time machines at the bottom of the garden for the number of times I have wished to go back. Come to think of it I would also love to have a remote with a pause button and a quick rewind! Reminds of the film Click - if you have not seen it then see it and hopefully you will understand these remotes are no good. Mind you just a pause and quick rewind button would not be too bad, enough said about that don't want to spoil the film for you guys who have not seen it.

The fact of the matter in the scheme of things our time line is fixed, call it destiny, call it ordained by God, we do not have the power to change our time line. When I look back at how my life has unfolded including my personal and professional life I can see clearly how my time line has been written.

So where does that leave us all? If our time lines are fixed - and they are, then where do we sit with all of this? The only thing I can conclude is that we have to all live in the here and now, and that is today, not yesterday and not tomorrow, but today and only today.

After talking this through with an acquaintance, I now strongly believe that I will try my utmost to be HAPPY in the here and now and that means to be HAPPY today.

Have a great HAPPY day!

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  1. Great blog btw I found it by accident! You should write more things :) I am glad you've decided to try and become happy!