Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I Had a Dream of an Old Man

The other night I dreamt the most intensive dream ever. I have been having a few problems in my life recently - mid life crisis - and had felt really trapped. My eldest daughter seemed the only one that cared, and we had been talking about things.

Anyway in the dream my eldest daughter saw me coming and she ran to me with a big fat smile. She started shouting "Daddy daddy I have found the man who can help you solve everything." Sure enough behind her was an old man and running around this old man lots and lots of kids. I and the old man sat on a bench, and my daughter stood behind us.

The old man was meant to give me advise and sort out things. He started by picking my jacket up and fiddling through the pockets talking about how wonderful coins are. Then all of a sudden he pulled out my packet of cigarettes, in front of my daughter! I don't smoke in front of the kids and I felt  the old man had betrayed me in doing so.

I lost my temper and started shouting at at the old man and as I shouted louder and louder, the old man got up and left, my daughter left, the kids left and I was all alone sitting on that bench I hung my head down in despair. Hope had all but gone, and I started crying with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I awoke and the tears were still there, rolling down my face. I have never awoken from a dream like that before.

I did interpret the dream later on and decided on a few important things.

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