Monday, 24 June 2013

Death - The Great Changer of Life

Yesterday a very dear uncle passed away. I cried a lot and still have tears rolling down my cheeks now. I never knew my Uncle Zaki that much, my dad had left our beloved Iraq back in the 70s and here in London we settled and still are.

What I do remember of Uncle Zaki is that he always asked about us, and especially me. Us four boys being the children of his only sister. My Uncle Zaki kept a close interest of my education, how will I was doing through all of my years of studying. He kept asking until I finished my MBA, and after that he kept a close interest in the education of my children.

May God have mercy on him and may he rest in peace.

Zaki Hasan Al-Layla
Born c. 1933 - Died 23 June 2013
Mousal Iraq.

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