Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, The New Ruler of the World

When I was young and just starting out in college life I believed I knew everything - actually I believed that I knew everything about everything. Now here at college on my own, fending for myself I felt I am the ruler of the world.

It turned out that I knew nothing about everything. All I cared about was me me me, and hence in my mind I was the ruler of the world - the  world of me.

With a few years under my belt I realise how ignorant I was, how foolish I must have been and how life was very blissful, and how I long for a bit of ignorance so that I may have some peace from all that goes on around me.

Today I am worried to death, as I stare in the mirror every morning, and look at the grey hairs appearing on my side burns, and I think ladies and gentlemen the new ruler of the world is the grey hair on my side burn. 

Oh for some ignorance... my kingdom for a little bit of ignorance...

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